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Hello, There! This is my blog, where i will post channel updates, rants, information, or any other odds and sods!

27/04/21 - idfk

Welp, im back again. Life and a lack of motivation to even get out of bed has gotten in the way the last few, as well as that fckig Hynjuju laptop died. Also, that ThinkPad R40e was a bust. I got a HP Compaq 6715s the other day so its not all bad. Also, I FINALLY GOT A CRT MONITOR FGDVBDBJISDBFIDSBGIHDFGBFHFS

03/03/21 - General update.

Hello, there. I thought i would write a general update of the channel. Firstly, there is building work at my house so i cant really film a video without you just hearing "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" in the background. Also, i have a ThinkPad R40E in the post which could be some fun to mess about with. When i find time to make videos, expect that ThinkPad, as well as my Packard Bell laptop to make an appearance, which i have had for around a year and is mint and still holds a 5hr charge 21 years later. A photo of my Packard bell is in the "PCs" section of my site, and a photo of the ThinkPad after restoration will be up once it arrives. Bye for now.

28/02/21 - Hi, there! :D

Well, Hello there! This is my first post here, and i would like to go over a few things. Firstly, this is the official website of the YouTube channel Tech101. To see my channel, or return to my channel, press the "uTube" button. Secondly, i'd like to thank neocities for... Well, existing! If it wasn't for them, this site wouldn't exist, as i have a budget of approx ~ 0 quid for this channel. (i need to grow bigger to make money from youtube. Sub to me, haha). Lastly, thank you for taking the time to view my page. If you have any queries, comments or ideas for my site, please leave them in the form of a comment on any of the videos on my YouTube channel. See ya 'round, and enjoy your stay!