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Tech101 Online

Want to know the story and history behind the channel? No?
Too bad! You're going to know it anyway ^_^

The channel was created in May 2017, where i used to post random, low effort videos about random, trending topics at the time.
However not long after, in 2018, i rebranded the channel to Tech101.
The early videos were poor, being filmed on a cheap phone propped up on a telescobe tripod of all things.
These videos were usually me installing and messing around with some old software on a Dell Dimension propped up on a bed.
These videos sucked lol. Around Feburary 2020, i nuked the channel's garbage content and started a fresh.
These videos also sucked, but my "DESTROYING WINDOWS XP (WITH REGF***)" video was the start of the content i'm proud of.
Then in September 2022, the part one of me restoring a HP Brio was the highest performing video i have ever made,
blowing up to its current 500 views, as well as getting the channel to the 48 subscriber mark (hell yeah).
Tech101 Online